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Cost of living in Valencia for Student

Published on 23/01/2017 by Flatmate Student PR

It’s time to think about your exchange program and when that time comes, you start to look for the best destination ever and it’s not about the best schools, well, not only about the schools. The final choice is not a matter of low cost of living, education quality, life quality, best location and so on, it’s about All of them.

Valencia is a great city for students thanks to some of the best universities in Europe and the high educational standards. Today we’ll take care, mainly, of the cost of living, we’ll see how much costs to live a Valencia.

A very recent report on currency exchange rates and their effects on student mobility states that affordability matters greatly which, will, makes perfect sense. So, the cost of living is a huge choosing factor but you don’t want to give up on everything else just to save a few pennies. You don’t even have to. How? Easy. Come to Valencia!

What makes this city so great?

First of all, is located in Spain and Spain means super laid back life stile, awesome weather, great people, affordable life stile and much more but let’s take a closer look.

Spain is one of the most affordable countries in the euro zone and Valencia, compared to Madrid and Barcelona, two other popular spanish destinations for international students, is definitely the best choice. In fact, the cost of living in Madrid and Barcelona is 23 – 25% higher that Valencia.


The monthly cost of living in Valencia is approximately 600 € per per month. Yes, it’s possible. Here you have a short list of basic monthly costs:

  • private room in shared appartment for students: 200€ – 300 €
  • bills (if not included): around 100 € (electricity, gas, internet, water)
  • food: 150 €
  • pocket money: 100 €
  • metro pass (2 zones): 53,80 €
  • single journey metro ticket (2 zones): 2,10 €
  • single bus ticket: 1,50 €
  • cinema ticket: 7 €

Many students, even those who study in Moncada or Blasco Ibanes area, choose to stay in the city center. Even if Valencia is not a small city at all, it appears to be very easy to move around in metro, bus or bike. Valencia has a very well organised public transportation service and students have access to a 15% discount on your monthly metro and bus passes.


Let’s not forget about the entertainment. Even if depends of your personal life style, nightlife can be very affordable and going out at night around the city center is one of the best experiences in Valencia.

Situated in the the city center, our apartments will be the best option for your accommodation during your journey in Valencia. The apartments are located in the area of El Carmen, Plaza España and Àngel Guimerà, close to the main city attractions, bars and restaurants, metro stations, bus stops and ValenBisi.

So, fi you want to enjoy the endless summer, the beach, the Paella and the best nightlife, Valencia is a must.